BILCO access door options customize our hatches and doors to fit almost any need. We have products that improve safety and security. Some of our access door options are special finishes like powder coat paint. We also offer curb modifications that customize your hatch installation. You can get access door options like remote operation and lock options for added security. Get more information by browsing the BILCO access door options listed below.




Bil-Guard® 2.0 Roof Hatch Safety Railing System

Fixed roof hatch safety railing system provides a permanent means of fall protection for roof hatch openings. The Bilguard rail system meets and exceeds OSHA fall protection regulations (29 CFR 1910.29). Bil-Guard® 2.0 models are available for most roof hatch and automatic fire vent sizes (shown on Type S Roof Hatch).

LadderUP® Safety Post

LadderUP® Safety Posts provide easier, safer ladder access through roof hatches, floor access doors, and manholes. This telescoping post permanently mounts to the top two rungs of any fixed ladder, providing a positive hand-hold and enabling the user to enter or exit an opening in an upright and balanced position.

Type 316 Stainless Steel Hardware

For installation in highly corrosive environments or when prolonged exposure to hot water or steam is anticipated, all BILCO products are available with Type 316 stainless steel hardware throughout (standard on type J-AL floor doors). Included are all parts of the latch and lifting mechanism assemblies; hold-open and guide arm and guides; and all brackets, hinges, pins and fasteners.

Special Finish Options

BILCO products are now available with a factory applied powder coat paint finish. Click details for more information on this finish and for a list of other custom finish options available.

Curb Option-Curb Liner

This metal insulation roof hatch curb liner is made of the same material as the curb and capflashing. This option is also available as a smoke vent curb liner. It is ideal for applications where aggressive adhesives or torch applied weather proofing systems are being used.

Curb Option-Fully Enclosed

This fully enclosed curb Insulation liner is made of the same material as the curb. This option replaces the capflashing. This option is available as a fully enclosed roof hatch curb and a fully enclosed smoke vent curb. It can be used with hot applied roofing systems or where the hatch or vent is welded directly to the roofing panel.

Curb Option-Fully Enclosed with Apron

The design of this fully enclosed roof hatch curb with apron allows the hatch top be easily installed on top of existing concrete, wood, or metal curbs. This curb is also available as a fully enclosed smoke vent curb with apron. It is ideal for situations where the roofing material is applied prior to the hatch or vent arriving on-site.

Curb Option-Built-in Louvers

BILCO roof hatches and smoke vents can be supplied with louvers built into their curb. A roof hatch curb with built-in louvers provides continuous building ventilation. BILCO louvered roof hatch curbs and smoke vents are equipped with a standard insect screen. In some areas, smoke vent curbs with built-in louvers are required in vents over elevator shafts to meet elevator-shaft code requirements.

Curb Option-Modification for Metal Roofs

Base flanges of all BILCO roof hatches and smoke vents can be fabricated with built-in configurations for most brands of metal building roof panels. Our roof hatch curbs for metal roofs and smoke vent curbs for metal roofs offer simplified installation. All metal roof curbs include a built-in self-drainage feature that eliminates water accumulation on the up-slope side.

Lock Option-Keyed Cylinder

All Bilco roof hatches can be supplied with a Deadbolt cylinder lock when specified. Cylinder locks provide keyed exterior access and are available with either keyed or turn knob interior access. Cylinder locks are an ideal security enhancement for many applications. For added security and weathertightness, the lock cylinder is accessed from the exterior through a gasketed, threaded deck plate.

Lock Option-High Security Detention

Detention locks provide keyed interior and exterior access and are ideal for correctional facilities and other buildings requiring a maximum level of security. Bilco roof scuttles can be can be factory prepared to receive many leading brands of detention locks when specified. Roof hatches are supplied with lock mounting bracket, strike, and watertight deck plate for fast, easy field installation of the detention lock.

Motorized Operation

All BILCO commercial products can be supplied with electric motor operation to open and close covers with the push of a button. Motor operation provides a convenient means of ventilating work areas in manufacturing facilities. Product is supplied with built-in motor operator, push button control station (shown) and wiring diagram.

Manual Winch Operation

Roof hatches and automatic smoke vents can be supplied with manual winch operation to open and close covers remotely. Winch operation provides a convenient means of ventilating work areas in manufacturing facilities and is a less expensive alternative to electric motor operation. Product is supplied with manual winch and wall mounting bracket (cable and additional pulleys can be supplied at additional cost).

BILCO access door options are available from a dealer near you. Visit our Contact US page to find your local BILCO roof hatch option representative. Visit our Videos page to learn more about BILCO products.

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