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Special Application

BILCO offers a number of special application doors to satisfy unique access requirements. Products include emergency evacuation doors for transit systems, precast doors, special sizes, and doors reinforced for extreme loading conditions.



Type JD-Transit System Emergency Evacuation Doors 1JD-T

Type JD-Transit System Emergency Evacuation Doors

Type JD and JD-AL emergency evacuation doors are designed to provide egress from underground rapid transit system platforms and tunnels in emergency situations. Doors are designed with stainless steel panic hardware and compression spring operators for ease of operation. Other important features include H-20 reinforcing, handrails, custom signage and a slip-resistant cover finish.

Type HLC-High Load Capacity

The Type HLC is specially designed for extreme loading conditions generated by vehicles such as large aircraft, heavy equipment and forklift trucks. Doors are constructed of steel and covers are reinforced for a 200 psi + 30% impact live load.

Type PCM-Precast Vault Door

Type PCM & PDCM single and double leaf access doors (single leaf shown) incorporate several innovative features which reduce the amount of labor required to cast the door into a concrete vault. To simplify installation on a standard concrete vault form, doors are designed with a 6" (152mm) high frame (other frame depths available) and have no vertical projections below the frame. Doors are constructed of aluminum and feature a peel off covering to protect the door finish during the pouring process.

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