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Access Door Accessories

Enhance your BILCO access door with these accessories.




Classic Series Basement Door Extension Panels

Extensions are available to increase the door length of Classic Series Size C basement doors. Classic series basement door extension panels are available in 6”, 12”, 18”, 24” and 30” lengths. Two or more can be mounted back to back to increase the door length to virtually any size. Steel extension panels are supplied with a primer finish. A factory applied powder coat paint finish option is also available.

Bil-Guard® 2.0 Roof Hatch Safety Railing System

Fixed roof hatch safety railing system provides a permanent means of fall protection for roof hatch openings. The Bilguard rail system meets and exceeds OSHA fall protection regulations (29 CFR 1910.29). Bil-Guard® 2.0 models are available for most roof hatch and automatic fire vent sizes (shown on Type S Roof Hatch).

LadderUP® Safety Post

LadderUP® Safety Posts provide easier, safer ladder access through roof hatches, floor access doors, and manholes. This telescoping post permanently mounts to the top two rungs of any fixed ladder, providing a positive hand-hold and enabling the user to enter or exit an opening in an upright and balanced position.

Curb Option-Fully Enclosed with Apron

The design of this fully enclosed roof hatch curb with apron allows the hatch top be easily installed on top of existing concrete, wood, or metal curbs. This curb is also available as a fully enclosed smoke vent curb with apron. It is ideal for situations where the roofing material is applied prior to the hatch or vent arriving on-site.

Ultra Series Basement Door Extension Panels

Extensions are available to increase the door length for Size C Ultra Series basement doors. ULtra Series basement door extension panels are available in 6” and 12” lengths. Two or more extensions can be combined to increase the door length.

Basement Door Keyed Lock Kit

Buy on-line! Enjoy the convenience of locking and unlocking your Classic Series BILCO basement door from the outside with a basement door keyed lock kit. Install a BILCO keyed entry lock and save the trip into the basement to lock or unlock the door. The basement door keyed lock kit is available for all steel basement door models and is not available for Ultra Series basement doors at this time.

Caulk/Sealant for Ultra Series Basement Door

Polyurethane caulk is ideal for Ultra Series Basement Door installations to fill gaps and to create a watertight seal between the door frame and the concrete. Product works great with the high-density polyethylene door material and is supplied in a color to match the door. BUY ON-LINE!

Basement Door Weather Strip Kit

BILCO’S basement door weather strip kit is designed to reduce gaps, and to block leaves, dirt, and pests from your basement area way. The easy to install kit is supplied with installation instructions.

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