Return Policy


  1. All returns must have a Bilco Return Authorization Number issued by The Bilco Company. Returns without a proper Bilco Authorization number will not be accepted.
  2. No merchandise will be accepted for return unless the authorization is given and the units are returned within forty-five (45) days of invoice date.
  3. Unless prior arrangements are made and approved by The Bilco Company Credit Department, Credit will be issued only to purchasing party.
  4. Only Bilco standard products which are in a condition to be immediately restocked and/or reshipped will be accepted for return for credit. If not received in such a condition, customer agrees to compensate Bilco in full for the cost incurred to restore product to saleable condition. Special manufactured items cannot be accepted for return.
  5. A Return Authorization Number will not be issued without a copy of this document signed by an officer of the purchasing party or their authorized designee, and returned to The Bilco Company.
  6. Special size and/or modified units of any kind will not be considered for return.
  7. Returns are to be freight prepaid by the purchaser. Collect returns will not be accepted by Bilco at any operating location.
  8. Destination of orders accepted for return to a Bilco location will be designated by The Bilco Company only.
  9. Merchandise being returned must have clear signature from carrier at origin.
  10. Handling and restocking charges for all orders accepted for return will be applied as follows:
    • 10% of original unit(s) price if replacement is ordered.
    • 20% of original unit(s) price if no replacement is ordered
  11. Items which are shipped to customer via UPS must be returned via UPS, not by US Mail. US mail shipments do not require a signature, so receipt of a return cannot be verified. Credit cannot be issued for tools, parts, LadderUPs, or any units returned via US Mail.

This policy shall be governed and construed in all respects in accordance with laws of The State of Connecticut without giving effect to conflicts of laws. Purchaser hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waives any claim to assert that the law of any other jurisdiction should govern this agreement.  Purchaser hereby consents to the jurisdiction of the courts of The State of Connecticut and The United States District Court of Connecticut with respect to any suit, action or other proceeding arising under or in respect of this Policy or with respect to the transactions contemplated hereby, and expressly waives any and all objection Purchaser may have to venue in any such courts.   Purchaser shall not bring any suit, action or other proceeding under or in respect of this Policy in any courts other than the above.  eff. 6/15/96, rev 3/21/01, rev. 2/7/14

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