BILCO Basement Door Replacement Parts

Our weather-resistant residential basement doors are ideal for access to basement storage areas. BILCO residential access doors meet IRC 2018 building code requirements for emergency egress. 


Genuine BILCO basement door parts and accessories are perfect for your residential access door needs. BILCO is the original name in basement doors and after 90 years, the product is still unmatched in design and quality. Now you can search our door parts catalog by product below. Find all the basement door replacement parts you need right here.

Basement Door Accessories Products

BILCO offers a number of basement door accessory items to simplify installation and to improve your basement entrance. Options are readily available through BILCO dealers and national home centers.

Foundation Plates

Foundation plates can be used to improve an areaway’s appearance, cover rough masonry, reduce the inside areaway width, or for side support in corner installations. Formed plates are prime-painted steel and are now available with a factory applied powder coat paint finish.

Classic Series Basement Door Extension Panels

Extensions are available to increase the door length of Classic Series Size C basement doors. Classic series basement door extension panels are available in 6”, 12”, 18”, 24” and 30” lengths. Two or more can be mounted back to back to increase the door length to virtually any size. Steel extension panels are supplied with a primer finish. A factory applied powder coat paint finish option is also available.

Stair Stringers for Basement Areaway

Stair stringers sizes are available for all BILCO Basement Doors sizes. Constructed of heavy galvanized steel, BILCO stair stringers for basement areaways are an economical and more durable alternative to wood stair stringers for your basement areaway.

Ultra Series Basement Door Extension Panels

Extensions are available to increase the door length for Size C Ultra Series basement doors. ULtra Series basement door extension panels are available in 6” and 12” lengths. Two or more extensions can be combined to increase the door length.

Basement Door Keyed Lock Kit

Buy on-line! Enjoy the convenience of locking and unlocking your Classic Series BILCO basement door from the outside with a basement door keyed lock kit. Install a BILCO keyed entry lock and save the trip into the basement to lock or unlock the door. The basement door keyed lock kit is available for all steel basement door models and is not available for Ultra Series basement doors at this time.

Basement Door Weather Strip Kit

BILCO’S basement door weather strip kit is designed to reduce gaps, and to block leaves, dirt, and pests from your basement area way. The easy to install kit is supplied with installation instructions.

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Where to Find BILCO Basement Doors

You can rely on our worldwide network of knowledgeable dealers, local representatives, and installers for the best basement doors every time. Not sure which product is right for you? Contact us for expert advice. 


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