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About the Barracuda Inventor

  Troy Lowe, a decorated military veteran, is currently a firefighter and SWAT team member in Ohio. Like all Americans, it saddens him each time he hears reports of, or needs to respond to, another active shooter situation. As a SWAT team medic, he works to prevent these tragedies in his community through shooter response training programs. Over the past few years, Troy has instructed thousands of people on how to react during an emergency lockdown situation. He has seen firsthand how quickly people panic and lose their fine motor skills during these simple training exercises. This typical reaction helped Troy recognize there was a need for a door security product that is simple to use, strong and highly effective in an actual emergency or lockdown situation. The Barracuda intruder defense system was developed for both outward and inward swinging doors and can be deployed in a matter of seconds.
These products are currently being utilized in his shooter response training programs and the positive reaction has been overwhelming. Troy has made it his personal goal to try to protect everyone across the country against these senseless tragedies.