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Barracuda Fire Code Information

Some Schools are instructing teachers and students to barricade a door using classroom desks and chairs. The Barracuda Intruder Defense System provides a much safer, faster, and secure solution.
  Does the Barracuda Meet Fire Code Requirements?

NFPA 101 includes a Means of Egress chapter that has requirements regarding locking/latching of egress doors that are equivalent to the International Fire Code.
  While these codes do not allow locks/latches that cannot be opened from the hall side, logic and good sense suggests that devices like The Barracuda are important for protection of occupants from imminent danger. 

Bilco has found that local authorities having jurisdiction understand the importance of securing doors during lockdown situations and have allowed them for this specific need. It may be helpful for those concerned to have such a discussion with their local fire marshal.
News Update:

Ohio Building Code Revised in Favor of Classroom Barricade Devices

State of Ohio Passes Bill Approving the use of Barricade Devices

NFPA School Safety Report Recognizes the need for Security Devices

Fire Marshal Issues Variance for State of Kansas