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Sales Contact Information

Bilco Commercial and Residential products are sold throughout the United States. To purchase products or to receive additional information, simply click on the link below to find a Bilco sales contact near you.
Sales Contacts  
  Bilco Basement Doors    Roof Hatches
  Egress Window Wells   Automatic Smoke Vents
  Barracuda Intruder Defense System   Floor Access Doors
    Natural Ventilators
    Smoke and Fire Curtains
Corporate Contact Information  
Commercial Products   Residential Products Barracuda Security Products
Phone: (800)366-6530   Phone: (800)854-9724 Phone: Contact Product Distributors
E-mail: Commercial Sales   E-mail: Residential Sales E-mail: Barracuda Sales
United States Locations
Corporate Headquarters   Manufacturing   Manufacturing
The Bilco Company   The Bilco Company   The Bilco Company
P.O. Box 1203   536 Highway 463 South   3400 Jim Grainger Road
New Haven, CT 06505   Trumann, AR 72472   Zanesville, OH 43701
Phone: (203) 934-6363   Phone: (870) 483-5118   Phone: (740) 455-9020
Fax: (203) 535-1582   Fax: (870) 483-7870   Fax: (740) 455-9030
International Locations
The Bilco Company has an International network of sales offices, representatives, and distributors to serve customers worldwide. To find your local sales contact, select your country on the homepage or contact The Bilco Company export sales department.