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Keyed Lock Kit - Classic SteelZoom In

Keyed Lock Kit - Classic Steel

Buy on-line! Enjoy the convenience of locking and unlocking your Classic Series Bilco basement door from the outside. Install a Bilco keyed entry lock and save the trip into the basement to lock or unlock the door.


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With a BILCO basement door lock, a simple turn of the key opens the door from the outside, providing convenient access to basement storage areas, workshops, playrooms and utility rooms. From the inside, pushing the handy release lever automatically unlocks the door. To lock the door from the inside, simply push the slide bar into position. The lock kit is designed for homeowner installation and is supplied with a template & complete instructions for quick, easy installation.
Note: Keyed lock kit will not work on Ultra Series Doors. Lock kit not available for Ultra Series Doors.
Installation Instructions
Position template on door Center punch holes as indicated on template Drill holes at punch locations Attach lock to mounting bracket and fasten to door
Basement Door Lock Features
  • Rugged construction safely secures the basement areaway
  • Corrosion resistant finish and hardware ensure trouble-free operation and long service life
  • Special cylinder cap keeps keyway clean, dry, and useable in all kinds of weather
  • Gaskets and self-locking fasteners provide a secure, weathertight installation.
  • Can be installed in 30 minutes or less