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Window Well Cover OptionsZoom In

Window Well Cover Options

Keeps window well area clean of snow, leaves and debris. Constructed of polycarbonate, this high-impact cover is UV-resistant and designed for durability and long-life. Sizes are available for all standard size window wells (stakWEL Window Well Cover Shown)


Standard Sizes
Scapwel Window Wells  stakWEL Window Wells
Window Well Model # Dome Model # Window Well Model # Dome Model #
4048-42 4042C STKWL STKWL-C
4048-54 4054C    
4048-66 4066C    
4862-42 4842C    
4862-54 4854C    
4862-66 4866C    

  BILCO products can withstand a minimum 200 lb live load.

IMPORTANT: When using a dome cover with a casement window, the window well must be installed so that it is higher than the top of the window so that the cover will not interfere with the window operation. 
ScapeWEL Cover