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CNIguard™ Intrusion Detection System

Bilco’s CNIguard™ Intrusion Detection System protects access points in drinking water distribution systems against the threat of intentional contamination. The wireless system eliminates the expense and time required to hard wire a traditional security monitoring system.


  Protecting water supplies from a deliberate biological attack on the distribution system has not been sufficiently addressed, partially due to a lack of scientific understanding of the true vulnerability of water supplies to intentional contamination with bioweapons. …the current strategy to secure national water supplies places the bulk of the responsibility on individual utilities…”
Excerpt from The Biological Threat to U.S. Water Supplies: Toward a National Water Security Policy
Product Benefits
  • Utilizes a patented Smart Sensing Technology to detect 
    tampering at access points (drilling, grinding, cutting, etc.
  • Computerized system has the ability to distinguish between threats and common occurrences (heavy rain, hail, etc.) to virtually eliminate costly false alarms*
  • Unlike video or audio surveillance systems, the CNIguard System does not rely on human interpretation to determine if a threat is real.
  • Designated as anti-terrorism technology as part of the U.S. Department Homeland Security Safety Act
  • Tested and approved by the United Kingdom Security Services
  • Installs easily on any access point and is ideal for pumping stations and wells in remote areas
  • Eliminates the expense and time required to hard wire a traditional security monitoring system
  • Installed system is protected with an annual service contract
*Rated for one false alarm per year maximum

Wireless Security System installs easily on any access point.

Vertical Doors, Access Doors and Hatches, Cabinets and Enclosures, Reservoir Tank Lids, Gates ....and more
Product Features
  • Wireless system consists of a controller and detectors that are mounted on access points to monitor security.
  • Alarms can be received on standard cellular devices.
  • Controller is hard wired into a facility’s main power supply and connected into a standard SCADA monitoring system. Detectors are powered individually by lithium batteries.
  • Detectors are equipped with antennas that transmit a signal to the controller if there is a security breach
    at the access point.
  • Magnetic contact switches, which are virtually impossible to bypass, are used to monitor and control access.
  • The radio communication is encrypted to prevent hacking.
  • Rugged aluminum casing and superior electronics are designed to endure all weather conditions and the demanding requirements of industrial applications.
  System uses radio signals to communicate between the controller and detectors at remote locations.

A single controller system will accept up to 254 detectors. Controllers can be added to the system if additional monitoring is required. Detectors are designed for the integration of commercially available sensors to monitor operational requirements such as flooding, temperature and pressure changes, if required.